It’s a scorchingly hot Saturday evening, you’re holidaying in the tourist friendly area of Athens for a week or so and you’re looking for a place to go. As a avid traveller, you’ve been sightseeing, you’ve had a look at the historic monuments around the area and now of course, it’s time to Eat!… not the small snacks or food discourses that will keep you ticking during the day.

No… I’m talking about the meals that will leave you drooling and daydreaming about the next meal on the way, once you finish your most recent dish. Lest we forget, Athens is the capital of one of the most prominent food popular countries in the world.

I mean come on, who doesn’t have cravings for Greek food from time to time.Now imagine tasting those very dishes in the home country itself, with the sunlight beaming down on you as you tuck into the dish in front of you, with relish and genuine delight.

Ergo, you’ll have more than enough time to consume and divulge yourself into a well seasoned, well prepared meals that will have you push Greece, towards the top end of your holiday destinations in not too distant future.

The country itself is notorious for its delectable mix of delicious meals, that vary from Mediterranean dishes (Moussaka), bakeries, traditional Greek meals such as Tarmasalata or grilled meat and much more.

Still don’t believe me? We’ll sit down, relax and have a look at some of the top restaurants we rated among the best in the area, for food courses of all kinds and tastes to your pleasure …

No.5 – Le Greche

Le Greche

This five star Ice cream shop is located in central Athens, where you can take pleasure in some of the finest gelato dishes served up, from traditional Greek cuisine and certain recipes, drummed up from nearby countries like Italy and San Marino.

The restaurant takes pride in providing fruit menus, sweet chocolate and additional information at the door, whilst giving the customers additional information, about the food they’re going to receive once ordered, in the plush, comfortable seats set for them to settle in. Furthermore, the options included are also gluten and lactose, for those who may suffered from food related allergies.

No.4 – Kanaria

kanaria athens

Located in the surburbs of the city, Kanaria is a retro styled restaurant that ensures that it’s visitors are settled and accommodated in a manner, that suits both their food tastes and financial needs. Set up by the Argyropoulos family in the 1950’s, the shop is based off the ideals of your typical Greek food dishes (albeit only five are served in the shop), all of which are affordable and delicious in equal measure.

The garden like settings around the restaurant, give the location a sense of tranquility and peace, you don’t always get in foreign settings when you go to restaurants on unknown territory, but that’s where Kanaria comes in strong, alongside its succulent dishes which make the mouth water, just at the sight or thought of tasting the meals in question (e.g. Pan fried prawns). Mmmm…..

No.3 – Seychelles Restaurant

Seychelles Resturant

A modern food bistro, Seychelles maintains a top notch quality menu that enables customers to choose from healthy salads, to butch meat dishes, seafood based dishes centred on pappardelle ideology, Cycladic cheeses and more, for your delight. Trendy as well as settling, the restaurant can be located near the Aldvi centre where civilians come down, from Keramikos neighbourhoods to enjoy and savour the meals, available on menu.

This also gives tourists or travellers like yourself, to incorporate and take in the differing cultures on show, as a combustible mix of accents, delects, forceful food opinions take hold of a up and about venues providing the best service available, for foodies to enjoy. Also, the prices may I tell you are also affordable and appealing for you to invest your spare cash on for a meal …. Thank God!!!

No.2 – Hytra Restaurants

Hytra Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is based on the sixth floor of the Onassis Cultural Centre, where visitors can find cuisine based around distinctive and notable flavours when they enter the venue , while overlooking Acropolis views as they eat the dishes prepared for them. The restaurant was listed on the infamous “La Liste” batch of restaurants branches, notable for their success in 2019.

Hytra provides it customers with rich Greek heritage and gastronomy, through the presentations of their meals, for customers to fester over… these meals include regulars like gourmets, Short Ribs, Cod, big pork dishes and more. Let’s not forget also, the airy atmosphere that contributes towards the location being ideal and more than enough of a sweetener, for tourists or local civilians to enjoy their time in the restaurants….

No.1 – Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

You want that traditional Greek Deli flavour, I recommend you come here and savour that taste for yourself. Centred around a neo-classical house, the deli plays host to a series of regional dishes such as fried aubergine, saganaki cheese, pastrouma (dried meat), zucchini and more, for any customers to enjoy on the enticing menu. Again, like most Greek restaurants in Athens we’ve seen how the prices are to most financial charging in regards, to how people can order these meals and not burn a significant hole in their pockets…. Phew!

Now of course we’ve given you a selection of restaurants for you all, to choose, ponder, pick and eventually eat at, once you enter the city of Athens.

The question is…. Which one will you pick my dear readers??

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