It’s the summer holidays, you’ve checked out from work and have a few weeks to spare for some down time for yourself, before the 9-5 starts again. You want to go somewhere more exotic and refreshing to the eye, warmer than the usual regulations stressed upon you in your regular location. Well I have one answer for you my dear readers… Greece!.

Greece, the land of mythical giants like Zeus & delectable lamb meat for your taste buds, to savour.  A country so exhilarating and diverse in monumental sights, visitors make it a necessity to take in the scenery on their travels, increasing their knowledge and appreciation of the country in the process. A beautiful country full of wonders and spectacular sights, that catch the eye in many more ways than one, I can only ask you my readers… what more can you ask for in a holiday destination?

The goal is to enjoy and explore the fine sights the country can provide during your stay, something which Greece displays with abundance, a pleasing trait that enables the tourist friendly nation to accommodate its visitors, with the best facilities and housing locations, for people to stay at.

From the capital city Athens alone, you can catch a glimpse at the mythical Acropolis Museum, home to the some of the historically intuitive art pieces made by man, many centuries ago. Other sites located in Greece, include Meteora, Panathetic Stadium, Parthenon, the infamous temple of Zeus and so much more, it’s no wonder people attempt to cram it all in during their travels to the country.

Why wouldn’t you want to spend your holidaying vacation, in a soothingly comfortable country that provides its habitants with sunny islands like Santorini, Crete, Mykonos and Corfu, for them to vacate and enjoy some downtime on their own. The islands in question, contain a subtle mix of beaches that varied from white to red and even black versions, all of which play host to notable events and seminal days, that Greeks enjoy to their own advantage throughout the year.

On average, the country has at the very least 300 or so days of sunniness which makes trips to beautiful islands like Santorini or Crete, all the more appealing for you to check out, once you touch down in Greece. All the merrier for those wanting to spend the majority outside, as it’s likely to be at a sustainable level of heat for travellers, to relax and explore the beautiful surroundings around them.

Travel wise, it would be best for you to book your flights to the country, on reputable websites like TUI or Aegean Airlines in cash saving deals. Along with the necessary travel documents needed for the trip (preferably Visa or passport ID), it would be ideal for people travelling to be vaccinated just in case, any issues flare up on that matter, along with the necessary insurance documents needed.

Those particular deals will give you extra leverage, in cash that can be stored and used for other endeavours on your trip to Greece, like subsequent outings to clubs that appeal to you in a nightlife aspect or guided tours which suit travellers, more inclined to sightseeing adventures.

To get in and around Greece, you would be able to utilise car rentals or your vehicle (at an affordable price of course) on the road, Ktel buses which transport you to specific areas or islands of your choice, let alone the boats that enable you to get across by sea. That’s not withstanding the ferries, also on hand to be used by travellers wanting to get around Greece.

As it currently stands, Greece is placed 97th in the world standings in terms of country size, with the East Mediterranean nation home to over 3,000 islands and close to 600 mountains, on their territory. In other words… Greece is big and you should know by the emphasis we’ve placed on it by this point of the blog now, but that’s not the only reason why we’re recommending the country as a holiday destination.

No, Greece is a place where visitors and citizens are able to further their cultural palette, taking into account the sort of activities that can be conducted individually or in a group, through a carefully budgeted plan. Ahh yes, budgeting my readers is very important for this trip to go without a hitch, as is any trip to any given location on Earth.

But in regards to the Greek trip, travellers will need to bring cultural customs that can help them endear and acclimatise to the culture in the country, a necessity that would allow them to participate in annual events like Carnival (if they wish to of course), Easter and Independence Day Festivals (depending on when they go), alongside other festivities like Saracosti (picnics on the first day of Lent), Ohi Day and more. Coupled that with general courtesy and normal mannerisms that respect the culture set in the country, you’re more likely to enjoy your stay in the country with an easier ride than most.

Which now brings us to our conclusion… as you can see we’ve done the propaganda needed for your persuasion and inclination to visit the delightful Greece. It may not be enough but then I asked you once more, why wouldn’t you want to visit this spectacular country on your travels?.

The country has the sights, the historical buildings, the delectable beaches, the friendly and hospitable people who help make the country tick. Did I mention the popular islands that play host to the bouncing, vibrant nightlife that could make your trip worthwhile? Come on now, do it.

Visit Greece, it will be worth your while and you’ll learn so much more about the country in the process, of enjoying yourselves with family or individually in the country. It’s only right you try it, Greece is the place to be and I’m sure you’re enticed enough to come down and spend time over in the Greek scenery…. You know you want to!

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