Paros is on the list of top Greek vacation destinations. It is a beautiful island situated in the Aegean sea and it is part of the Cyclades islands.

It is popularly known for its wonderful beaches and white marble quarries. These marbles are called Parian marble. The island gets most of its wealth from this marble. Most of the ancient Greek sculptures were made from this white marble. Some of Greece’s best-known sculptors come from Paros.

Paros is 3 hours from the city of Athens by ferry. It has a population of around 12500. The length of this island is around 22 km and the width is around 13 km.

This article will guide you on how to explore Paros island by ATV. Also the necessary information you will need before hiring and driving ATV on the island.

Overview of ATVs in Paros

If you are planning to visit Paros island with the mindset of enjoying yourself to the fullest, the best way to get around and see different destinations is by ATV. You can book your ATV in advance or book at the rental office on the day of your arrival.

With the use of an ATV, you can see the entire island, and visit the major towns and small villages within two to three days. Hiring an ATV on the island is very cheap and affordable.

Parikia and Naousa are the two towns where you can find large numbers of ATV rental offices on the island. Rental shops are pretty scarce outside of these areas.
Some of the rental offices are:

  • Stratos rentals

    Location: Parikia, Paros 84400, Greece.
    Contact: +30 22840 28002
    Email: [email protected]

  • DK rentals

    Location: port of Paros
    Contact: +30 22843 00994
    Email: [email protected]

  • Sakatis rentals

    Location: Parikia, Paros Greece.
    Contact: 694 253 8800
    Email:[email protected]

  • Chaniotis rentals main branch

    Location: Aliki, Paros 84400, Greece.
    Contact: (+30) 6986477914
    Email:[email protected]

  • Parikia branch

    Location: Parikia, Paros 84400, Greece.
    Contact: (+30) 6986477914
    Email:[email protected]

  • Spirou rents a car

    Location: Naousa 844 01, Greece.
    Contact: +30 2284 051366
    Email: [email protected]

  • J&P rentals

    Location: Bay center, Naousa 844 01, Greece.
    Contact: +30 2284 052849

How to explore Paros by ATV

According to the law of the country, you must possess an international driver’s license before hiring a car, bike, or Quad.
One of the procedures for hiring is to ensure you have your international driver’s valid license for at least six months.

The rental price varies, it depends on the model of ATV you are hiring and the duration. You can get a less powerful ATV like 50cc for €30 per day and a more powerful one for €40 per day. Most of the rental shops will offer you a reduced price if you are hiring for a long duration.

Paros island has a channel of trails with a length of 35 km, which makes it an exciting moment for you to hike. On these trails, you will find white houses, remote pigeon houses, farmhouses, and windmills.

  • Byzantine road ( Lefkes – Prodomos)

    This is the oldest trail on the island. It connects Lefkes to Prodromos. The trail history can be traced back to the Byzantine era (1000 AD).
    The trail is 3.5km long and it is downhill except for around 200 meters.

  • Aliki – Agairia – Monastery of Theodoron – Aspro Chori

    This is the most beautiful trail on the island. Its difficulty is moderate and it’s about 8.5 km. You set off from the Aliki fishing village, walk down the narrow street, and head towards an easy and uphill route that leads to Agairia. You will get to the monastery through a dirt road that leads to an asphalt route with amazing views. From the monastery, you carry on downhill toward Aspro Chorio. After three kilometers, you will see the view of Aspro Chorio ahead and the beach of lolantonis in the long distance.

  • Parikia – Marathi – Lefkes – Prodromos – Marpissa – Agios Antonios – Piso Livadi

    This trail consists of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine route network. It connects Parikia to other villages in southeast Paros. It is 19 km in length and takes approximately 6 hours. The trail starts from the beach of Livadia in Parikia along the Elytas river. The path from Lefkes to Prodromos is the best component of this route. It passes alongside windmills, wells, springs, the river Heirolaka, and finally, arrives at Prodromos

Tips and advice

You can rent an ATV on the island regardless of the weather conditions. Though there might be more challenges during the peak tourist season. During the summer period, there is more traffic on the island.

The roads on the island are easy to navigate. Drivers here are calmer and more relaxed than on the mainland. When you are driving in the two major towns which are Parikia and Naousa at night, you should be cautious.

Before you sign any paperwork during your rental process, make sure you clarify if helmet rental and insurance are included in the stated rental price.

Here are some tips for you before hopping on your ATV.

  • Choose an appropriate ATV for yourself. Try sitting on it to make sure you feel comfortable.
  • Wear protective equipment. Pair of boots, gloves, and helmet.
  • Keep your feet at the footpegs all time.
  • Don’t attempt any stunts when you are just a starter.

Paros island is full of incredible views, small villages, and beaches. If you plan to stay for long periods or just a few days on the island, the best way to explore as much as you can on the island is to hire an ATV. ATVs are the best way to move around and get to see everything the beautiful has to offer.

Written by : Lawal Usman

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