Many people go to the beach for various reasons, some go to the beach for a getaway or alone time from the world, others go to the beach with family and friends for relaxation and fun. On the Greek island of Santorini, there is a settlement called Akrotiri. Akrotiri is part of the Thira region, it is situated 15 kilometers south of Fira, the island’s capital, and was constructed on a hillside with breathtaking views of the caldera cliffs. Since Akrotiri was coated in volcanic ash, it is known as the “Greek Pompeii.” There are a couple of things visitors can do at Akrotiri and they include: Day cruises, Day trips,Point of interest and Landmarks, Photography tour, Bus tours, Holidays and seasonal tours, Yoga classes, Sporting events, Dining experience, Nature and Wildlife tour, Art gallery, Wineries and Vineyards, Spas, Sailing, Safaris, Sunset cruises and most of all, beaches.

As a first-time visitor looking to visit Akrotiri for the purpose of pleasure, relaxation and swimming; there are a couple of beaches, both private and public, where people who live there can go for this type of pleasure. This blog post gives a guide to the island’s best place and beaches for relaxation and swimming. So, let’s get to it.

Types of Beaches

Beaches can be classified as either sandy, rocky, frozen, or tropical. Akrotiri beaches are created by the coastal erosion and weathering of surrounding rock cliffs. Hence, the majority of the beaches at Akrotiri are rocky.
The Archaeological Site is the primary attention of the small settlement of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini. The iconic Red Beach, Caldera Beach, White Beach, Almyra Beach, and a few other beaches are close to the caldera side and can be found to the south of Akrotiri.

As a visitor at Akrotiri who does not mind using public transports, I would recommend that you note that every day of the week, buses run frequently from Fira, the island’s main bus hub, to the parking lot near Akrotiri Red Beach which takes roughly 20 minutes to get from Fira to the Red Beach parking lot, and an adult ticket costs about €2. You can access the majority of the beaches from the parking lot near Akrotiri Red Beach.

List of Popular Beaches in Akrotiri.

As a first-time visitor to Akrotiri who likes the idea of public places for relaxation and swimming, the following public beaches that are the closest to Akrotiri include: Red Beach, Caldera Beach, Akrotiri Beach and other beaches that are listed in the section.

Caldera Beach

Caldera Beach

A crater that results from a volcanic eruption is called a caldera. As seen from the shore of Caldera beach, this is currently full with water. This beach offers views of the Santorini island caldera, as the name suggests. It is a little beach with some rocks and dark sand.

There are a few restaurants lining the area, but it’s often calm. Additionally, you can go swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Since there is a designated road that runs from Fira to Akrotiri, getting to Caldera Beach is pretty simple hence, you can either drive there or take a shuttle bus.

Red Beach Santoroni

The iconic Red Beach, also called “Kokkini Paralia” by locals, is by far the busiest beach in Santorini. The beach has a distinctive crimson aesthetic. The Red Beach is red due to the adjacent cliffs, which were created by a volcanic explosion. Even the rocks and sand are a reddishhue. Red Beach is typically warmer than other portion softhe island due to its color and the fact that it is surrounded by volcanoes. In contrast to the numerous black beaches on the island of Santorini, this beach offers a welcome change. Despite being a reasonably popular beach on the island, Red Beach has a good selection of amenities.

Red Beach Santoroni

There are local tavernas and restroom stalls next to the church, but there are no freshwater showers or toilets. On the Red Beach, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas during peak season. The beach is free to enter. It is worthwhile to visit this unique location and form your own opinion about it. Typically, buses drop you off in Akrotiri, where you’ll need to proceed to the beach on foot. Additionally, vehicles must be parked at the archaeological site so that visitors can walk from there. Boats have the extra benefit of giving you a 360-degree view of the beach. Additionally, cruises to the Red Beach are available.

Akrotiri Beach

Akrotiri Beach, which is surrounded by nature, is ranked 111th out of 166 beaches in Patras, Western Greece. It is one of the beaches in the community of Arkoudi. You don’t need special footwear because the beach has a straight shoreline, clear blue sea, and a light sand and pebble surface. Due to its close proximity to a road, this beach is quite convenient to reach.

Akrotiri Beach

There is parking right on the sand. Everyone is welcome at the Akrotiri beach. There are no amenities there; simply nature. There are other activities you can do besides swimming and sunbathing. You should note that near Akrotiri, there are numerous other beautiful and private beaches. The communities of Kamari and Perissa, specifically Kamari Beach and Perissa Beach, both have well-known beaches. Both beaches have a lot of luxury and are made of black sand.

List of Hidden Beach in Akrotiri.

As a first-time visitor in Akrotiri who do not like other people invading their privacy as well as like the idea of private places that gives them peace of mind, the following private beaches that are the closest to Akrotiri include: White Beach, Almyra Beach and other beaches that are listed in the section.

White Beach

White Beach in Akrotiri

Locals often refer to White Beach as Lefki Ammos (white sand) or Lefki Paralia (white beach). Since there are rocks and gravel in the sand, it is not white as the name would imply. However, the cliffs that surround the beach are essentially white.
Only boats can get to this beach because it is in a remote location. You can board a boat from Red Beach and travel to White Beach. A kayak or a yacht rental are further choices. Offering amenities here is challenging hence on-site rentals for sun loungers and umbrellas are available. But that’s the extent of the amenities. It is worthwhile to bring food, cool drinks, and sunscreen while visiting for an extended period of time.

Almyra Beach

Almyra Beach in Akrotiri

Almyra Beach, located a few kilometers from Akrotiri, is a less well-known, remote beach. Coming to this beach will give you some peace and quiet in contrast to the commotion at other beaches. It is a beautiful site with clean seas, tiny stones, and large cliffs that were sculpted by the forces of nature. Locals use burrows that are located in the rocks as well.

Akrotiri and Almyra Beach are only separated by about 3 km and can be reached by both land and water. Only a dirt road leads up to it, making it challenging to reach by car. There isn’t a bus option available here. This beach doesn’t have a lot of amenities because not many people go there. However, you can still get a few things from the neighborhood. In a fish bar, the chef serves freshly caught fish.

You should note that near Akrotiri, there are numerous other beautiful and private beaches. Perivolos Beach, Vlychada Beach, and Monolithos Beach are three less well-known but no less stunning beaches.

With all that being said, as a first-time visitor to Akrotiri who is privileged to read the blog post would have a guide to the island’s best places and beaches to relax and swim. This blog post has been able to cover an overview of the island of Akrotiri and its main attractions, the type of beaches in Akrotiri as well as popular and hidden beaches around Akrotiri for relaxation and swimming.

It is essential to note that to get to these beaches from Fira, the island’s main bus hub, to the parking lot near Akrotiri Red Beach, an adult ticket costs about €2.

If this blog post was very insightful and you are interested in learning more about the hidden beaches of Akrotiri as you may want to visit them, you can check out our next blog post “Hidden Beaches in Akrotiri You Have to Visit”.

Written by :  Olamide Olajoseph

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