One of the greatest achievements of travelers is to go to Europe. Bordering the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea is a popular country which is called Greece. This country has eye- popping beaches, rich culture, bustling islands and amazing food.

When we tell about Greece, it is known for Greek Mythology. Like Zeus and Hercules “anybody” knows that in childhood. The fact that this country is the oldest countries in Europe. Greece official name is Hellenic Republic or also known as Hellas. There is a movie called “300” released last year 2014 that talks about a Greek warrior defending its country against invaders. The movie highlighted the great civilization during that time and even today Greece is consider one of the most livable places across many countries.

First example is the historic Santorini Architecture. This is one that signifies the birthplace of democracy. Santorini Island lies in an active volcano which the last eruption was recorded in 1950’s. The towns and villages sit densely on top of the mighty cliffs of the caldera.

We have also the Ancient Greece which no surprise the oldest and longest histories of Art and Philosophy established in 700-480 B.C. Ancient Greece had over 1000 city-states like Athens, Sparta and Corinth which makes this country strong. The capital of Greece is the city of Athens which is Europe’s oldest Capital. This make Greece’s capital one of the oldest cities in the entire world. Athens has also the most theatrical stages in the world. There are a total of 148 theatrical stages in this location. In Greece, 90% of the population is involve in Christian Orthodox which is the third largest branch of Christianity.

As I have said, democracy originated in this country. This country influence western civilization. It means that western culture originated here in this country. In this country, the first Olympic games took place in year 776 B.C. held in Olympia. During that time women is forbidden to join any Olympic games but in our current year women is consider as equal as men.

Odyssey is made by the Greeks. It is a renowned poem all over the world. But the funny part of it is that Greeks are not eating beans because they believed that the grains had the soul of dead people. As of now we are still using the Greek alphabet is the oldest language still use in modern times. The word alphabet actually came from the Greek word. It has a root word of alpha and beta. Greek language had contributed language community basically English vocabulary and 150,000 of the English words derive from Greek. One of these examples are school, paradise, economy, poem and academy.

In terms of geographical aspect, Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. 80% of the country is covered by mountain ranges. The highest peaks in Europe is Mount Olympus located on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia. This mountain had vertical measure up to 2917 meters above sea level. In Greek Mythology, they believe that Zeus god of lighting live here during ancient times.

Greece also has the longest coastline in southern Europe which has over 60KM surrounding the capital city “Athens”. This City is home to 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Acropolis and Mount Athos. Acropolis is the most popular tourist attraction in Greece. Acropolis of Athens is considered to be the symbol of Athens and western civilization. The country has over six thousand (6,000) island throughout the Aegean Sea. One if its largest is Crete Island which has 8836 square kilometers and has a population of more than six hundred thirty thousand (630,000).

In this country, wine is loved by everyone. Winemaking in this country has been a tradition for 4000 years and they have more than 600 wineries all over the parts of Greece. Mediterranean Diet originated in Crete. This meal includes vegetables, nut fish, olive oil and red meat. Greece

is also known for its huge consumption of olive oil and in fact women here rubbed olive oil into their skin to maintain their flawless soft skin. The fact that is has a large consumption, did you know that Greece is the third largest producer of olives across all the countries in the world. They consider olive trees as a gift from God.

Frequently ask questions: What is Mesimeriano?

This is the important meal of the day. This is necessarily refer to a specific lunch dish but more to experience of an authentic Greek lunch meaning it is a “late lunch”.

What are some interesting facts about Greece?

  • Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe;
  • Greece is home to 18 UNESCO world heritage sites;
  • Greece is the third-largest producer of olives in the world.
  • Athens is Europe’s oldest capital;
  • The ancient Greek alphabet is the oldest written language still in use

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