Knowing Greece

Based in the southeastern part of Europe, Greece is largely made up of inhabited and Aegean islands (over 2,000 to be exact), that take in a good proportion of the diaspora across the continent and foreign nations globally . Prominent features of the country are also based upon the discovery of mountains, islands and the sea. Whilst isolated from one another on the geographical front, they do form part of the appeal of what makes Greece such an attractive proposition, to headhunt as one of their favoured holiday destinations.

This enables Greece to tap into the holiday sector quite well, as there is a huge following and thirst from tourists, heavily interested in investing their money on exploring historic sites like the Acropolis museum, Meteora, the Temple of Zeus, Mount Olympus and so forth.It’s no wonder that travel sites like TUI, Alegan Airlines or Visit Greece all benefits from a significant financial revenue return, during the summer break.

As there are so many tourists and travellers willing to visit Greece during this period, the country revenue sector bolsters up significantly . As a Mediterranean based nation, Greece has gathered a reputation for being an popular travelling point known for its frequently sunny weather and attractive food based sites, that contain some of the most delicious cuisine known to man on the continent.

I mean come on now, everyone loves a bit of sun and the food… The FOOD I tell you is die for my dear readers, from the modern bistros to the retro styled restaurants that offer the best services and nearby cut off points, to some of the most affordable accommodation nearby after you’ve done finishing your well prepared dish.

Le Greche, anyone??

Many Greek civilians are spread across the capital city of Athens, with the population size stationed alongside the numeric size of 3.1 million people in the area, a significant fraction of the amount currently living in the country itself right now, in 2023. Now of course, Greece is not just centred around Athens despite its ancient mystique as a 5th century BC location, as other civilians and travelling tourists take time to visit areas like Attiki, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Crete and other cities in and around the country, let alone Europe itself. For any incoming travellers, it would be definitely ideal for people to be vaccinated just in case, any medical issues flare up or you have to go through unnecessary problems with airport security , along with the necessary insurance documents needed.

(Remember COVID-19 still exists people!)

Language wise, the customary greetings are obviously done in Greek but many in the country, do speak a high level of English, Turkish (granted the country based not too far off the borders of Turkey, one would have you!), Bulgarian, Macedonian (also known as Slav-Macedonian) and so much more, giving you the incoming traveller the chance to incorporate yourself within a diverse culture full of immersive dialects and tongues, to learn from.

On average per year, the country has at the very least 300 or so days of sunniness for civilians to enjoy. Which obviously means lot of sunshine = extensive trips to beautiful beaches and melting pots full of eager travellers, enjoying some down time. That can also lead to trips to popular festival sites like Independence Day festivals, Saracosti, the Feast Day of Mary’s Assumption, Carnival day and that’s just a small batch, to choose from if you were to enter this wonderful country.

Sports wise, the country has played host to numerous social events that varied from the global Olympic Games in Athens not too long ago in 2004, Aquatic water polo events, boxing fights and such, with more to come surely in the nest to distant future. Considering the fact that Greece was the birthing point for the Olympics during its nascence and contains some of the most atmospheric venues in Europe (e.g. Panathetic Stadium), it would be to no surprise to onlookers to see massive sporting events like Champions League finals, Olympics or Para-Olympics events being held throughout Greece once more. The same can be said for music festivals, fashion exhibits, political retreats and so forth, as Greece is a popular merging point for many entertainment purposes.

Talking about Entertainment ….

For tourists willing to enjoy some downtime leisure during their travels, it would best to have an look at some outdoor activities suitable for use here in Greece, such as …

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Sailing
  • Discus Throwing
  • Horse Racing

At the end of the day for any incoming traveller, The ultimate goal is to enjoy and explore the fine sights Greece can provide you with, during your stay in the country. Be it from the historical sites enticing you with the ancient mystique, the scenic beaches and islands on display, the delicious meals available in retro to modern chic restaurants, let alone the leisure and fast paced activities one can use for some excitement in beautiful cities like Athens or Crete…. You’ll surely not be disappointed by your stay in Greece!!